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World Wide Shopping Malls

Rustygib.com offers great online shopping for customers in 7 countries around the world, with many more Countries being added.

Many people are turning to shopping online for such things as, Gifts, Perfumes, Flowers, Camera's, Computers, and Computer Soft Ware and Games. All the shops have secure payment sites for your security and many discounted items. There is also a very competetive array of shops offering Discounted Airline Tickets, Holiday Accommodation, Home Loans, Car Loans, Various Insurances and, Theme Park Tickets. Many of the 200 plus shops in the Rustygib.com Shopping Mall offers shoppers memberships which can mean even more savings, as well as free delivery once a certain amount is spent, but this varies between shops. To browse through the many pages of Rustygib.com in your Country log on to : www.rustygib.com where you will find instructions to enter the shopping mall, in your Country and join the many satisfied customers who shop there every day. Remember the address. www.rustygib.com
About the Author

Wayne Gibbens is the owner of the rustygib.com world wide shopping mall. Living in a small country town in south east Queensland Australia Wayne Gibbens has been active in online marketing since 1999 and launched his first shopping website in 2004.

Written by: Wayne Gibbens

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