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The Why, When, Where & How of Cosmetic Shopping

A cosmetic case that won't zip closed, that basketful of make-up on your bathroom counter, the vanity drawer crammed with products and colors you're saving just in case.

We all have a stockpile of make-up that is either impractical, a little too glitzy or just plain old. You don't need to stockpile your cosmetics.

In fact, you really shouldn't for a few very good reasons.


Your beauty supplies may not be marked with a specified shelf life, but they have one. Write purchase or throw away date on bottom new products with a permanent marker. Old products are not safe, do not wear correctly and subtle changes in color may occur.

* Cleansers/Moisturizers - good for six months.

* Foundation - six month shelf life if applied with fingertips, one year if applied with a sponge.

* Lipstick - one year.

* Eye and Lip Pencils - one year.

* Powders and stick concealers - one year.

* Eye shadow and blush - two years.

* Mascara - good for three months


Shop when seasons change - new season, new colors - when products have gotten old, and when things are on sale. Keep an eye on those pharmacy and department store circulars. You can find great deals if you're a smart shopper.


Local pharmacy/health and beauty chains are convenient and inexpensive. Shop sales, sometimes you can even buy two items for the price of one. Department stores with high end products and trained cosmetologists often have giveaways.

Look for in-store banners. Some product lines will even mail you invitations/reminders for sales. A purchase as small as lipstick may get you a goodie bag full of trial and even full size products. If you shop during bonus events, you'll get your money's worth.

Independent Beauty Consultants are in everywhere. There are good products available, but be prepared. These sales people are often friends and it's hard to say no when a friend must meet a sales quota.

If you can stick to buying only what you need, this is a great way to get individualized service in the comfort of your own home.

On-line beauty catalogs may save you a lot of money. But you need to do your research first. Only purchase make-up that you have used in the past. Orange pancake foundation is still orange and thick, even if it was on sale.


Carefully and with an honest friend at your side. Take someone with you who has your best interests at heart. Trust your friend's opinions, and don't get upset if she tells you not to buy that gold shimmer lip gloss.

There are many, many ways to look great and not spend too much... develop your own unique personal style.
About the Author

Allison Saunders is a MAC qualified Make-up Artist and the author of an amazing new course, "Hollywood Makeup Secrets" a step-by-step simple video system for maximizing your inner and outer beauty potential. You can learn more about Allison, and subscribe to her free newsletter by visiting: http://www.hollywoodmakeupsecrets.com/dt/s.php?id9

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Written by: Allison Saunders of HollywoodMakeupSecrets.com

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