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The Business of Shopping and Shipping Gifts For the Holidays

With Christmas coming in two month's time, people are already starting to plan their yuletide gift-giving strategy. This is especially true with people who are living far from their native lands or from their families. Often, these people have a hard time shopping for gifts because they cannot find appropriate gifts that can be shipped across a thousand miles. In essence, they need not only look for the perfect gift for their loved ones, they also need to find the perfect gift that they can ship to them!

Not all gifts can be shipped. Bottles can get broken. Tech items can suffer internal damages. Figurines can be crushed. Even if you put the word FRAGILE in large bold letters, you are still not sure how people will handle the gift that you are shipping in the airport or in the dock. And frankly, most people do not just want to take the risk of buying something and then finding out that it got broken before it even reached the recipient!

This is why there are some people who live abroad who do not really bother to buy gifts for their families anymore. They just don't want the additional headache of looking for a great gift, ensuring that it is ok for shipping and worrying about its fate. Some just mail greeting cards while others wire money through banks. Some just save up their gifts until they have the time to go back to their homelands for vacation. That way, they can include the gifts that they are wanting to give, in their baggage, cushioned by their clothes.

Still, there are some who really can't resist the gift-giving bug and will send gifts from across the miles even at the risk of destruction! If you are one of those people who just cannot wait to ship that perfect gift, here are some tips that will help you with your shipping dilemma.

Be prepared for the cost

No doubt about it, the cost of shipping can be expensive. In fact, in some instances, the shipping costs more than the gift itself. Of course, this depends on where it will be sent and the time of the year. With Christmas approaching, some shipping companies will increase their prices, anticipating the huge demand for their service.

When buying gift items that you will be shipping, it is important to note the weight and the size. Remember that the heavier the item is, the higher the shipping price. Some shipping companies also take into consideration the size. If you do not have much budget for shipping, it is good to choose items that are small and lightweight. This will save you a lot of money.

Be prepared for the damage

As mentioned before, shipping gift items can be really risky especially if you are shipping fragile items or those that are not shock-proof. When buying gifts for shipping, make sure that you choose items that are not easily broken. Good examples are clothes. Clothes can conform to any size and may be thrown wherever and whenever without suffering any damage. Another great gift ideas are bags and accessories. You can also purchase insurance for the replacement value of the package.

Be prepared for the packing

Packing spells the difference between a shipping package that got destroyed and a package that survived the journey. When packing your gift, make sure that it is well-protected. Use bubble plastic to sufficiently protect it from deformation. There are envelopes available that have cushion inside.

Another thing that you should remember is to wrap the item up in a plastic before wrapping it up with paper. This is especially true with paper-based gifts such as books and stuff, which can be easily damaged by water.

Send it with a return address

Seal the package as tightly as you can. Make sure that it will not be easily opened. Put the address in bold and clear letters to make sure that there will be no confusion when it comes to the address. It is also important to put a return address just in case the package gets lost in the mail.

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Written by: David Arnold Livingston

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