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Shopping Search Engines, The Benefits and Explanations

The Shopping Search Engines are a new breed on the Internet market, they are a research tool for both consumers and retailers. Using a shopping search engine the consumer can search at once more than one merchants, products and look at the prices in only one place. The shopping search engine is a software that puts together a number of online stores. They sell the products from thousands of merchants through their interface. To get their products listed in the shopping search engines the retailers usually pay a per click fee and startup fee. In some cases the shopping search engines rate the quality of the merchants and promote them if the their ratings are high.

If you would want to buy something you no longer need to go to regular search engine, search through the results and find the product on the retailers website. The shopping search engine will show you directly the merchant checkout page saving you money.

Here are some of the benefits, listed:

Consumer Benefits:

Minimal click online shopping
Multiple merchants in one place
Multiple products in one place
Merchant ratings
Product ratings
Prices include shipping and tax, if you fill in zip code box on screen
Smart Buy is highlighted for you at Shopping.com - shows best rated merchant with cheapest price
Saves consumer time and money, avoid long shopping lines and traffic during Christmas shopping season.

Retailer Benefits:
Retailers have a new online marketing and sales channel for their products
If retailers have a good site conversion rate, likely to have good shopping search conversion rate

Instead of delivering the consumer to the merchant's door, like regular search engines do, the shopping search engines deliver the consumer directly to the product, giving information about whatever price the product may have and if it's in stock or sold out. The consumer also provides information about which merchant offers the best deal and if the merchant is highly rated.

Some of the online shopping search engines are: Shopping.com, Bizrate.com or Shopzilla.com,http://www.getinstant.info, Google's Froogle, Yahoo Shopping, Nextag.com and Pricegrabber.com.

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Written by: Ispas Marin

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