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Shopping For Your Bridal Gown

Shopping for your bridal gown is one of the most important essentials of your wedding preparation. It should be a lot of fun, and it's going to be if you do your homework. Although it might be difficult to resist at first, you should never shop for a bridal gown based on instinct.

You should research before you walk in to the first bridal gown salon. Chances are this is going to be the first time you shop for a bridal gown, so you need to prepare.

It is essential that you give yourself plenty of time to buy your bridal gown. Choosing your bridal gown up to one year prior to your wedding day is not unusual at all. If your dress needs to be ordered and altered you'll need that much time. Buying your bridal gown early is also a great stress reducer.

Before you visit the bridal gown retailer, you have to do your homework. To get a general idea of what's out there, you should start with magazines. Then, move on to the Internet for more detailed searches. There are thousands of Web sites dedicated to wedding shopping where you can learn about bridal gowns.

After you get a general idea of what you like, be sure to take detailed notes. Even if you have an excellent memory, it is best to make detailed notes for reference. You shouldn't just write down what you like about a bridal gown, but the reason why you like a particular feature. If you are well prepared, your sales person at the salon will be able to help you better.

Once you have a detailed list of designs and designers you'd like to try, you should make an appointment with a salon. Don't go by yourself. Take your mother, your sister, your girlfriends, your bridesmaids, your honor attendant, and your relatives. In other words, bring everyone that matters! Instead of bringing all of them to each salon at the same time limit the shopping team to no more than five members per shopping trip. It is OK to shop around for your dress by yourself if you need the privacy, but you shouldn't make your decision without some outside opinion.

You should bring the following with you on your wedding gown shopping trip.

∑ Shoes with the same height as your wedding shoes are going to be on your wedding day. ∑ A bustier, a control-top panty hose and be sure slip a slip into your purse.

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Written by: George Meszaros

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