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Shopping For Skater Clothes

I hate shopping for clothes especially with my girl. She has to try on everything in her size in the whole mall. Me, I go up to a rack of clothes see what I like and then get the heck out of there and I still hate it. Now I'm waiting on her.

I had some friends tell me about shopping online so I thought, that would be really cool if I could find a place that had the kind of clothes we both like. We are both into the surfer/skater look since we do both so that was tough, but I found the best place for both of us.

Girls now days are looking for the lowest cut jeans they can find so they can show off the belly ring and the tattoo on their lower back and my chick is no exception. When I told her about buying clothes online and she saw the stuff they had on the site, I was in!

She spent hours on the site looking at all the awesome clothes they have there and I have to admit she bought some smoking hot jeans there. Since it is starting to get a little cool she went ahead and bought a couple of hoodies too.

I love hoodies, so I couldn't let her get the upper hand on me. I went online and bought three great hoodies and I saved a ton of money, not to mention of ton of time over the mall shopping scene.

I tore a huge hole in the knee of my last good pair of jeans so while I was already online with the credit card out, I bought a few pairs of jeans. I have been putting it off, but like I said I have no choice now. I was blown away by all the choices they had in jeans, not to mention the T-shirts that were screaming my name.

Super cool stuff at super low prices, what more can you ask for?

About the author:

Gregg Hall is a consultant to online businesses. See the site he recommends for specialty clothing

Written by: Gregg Hall

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