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Shopping For Dollars

Having spent over 20 years in the Retail Industry I can tell you from experience that Mystery Shoppers really do exist. They play an important part in evaluating all aspects of a retail stores performance. They evaluate things such as store appearance, merchandising, customer service, how knowledgeable is the staff, whether transactions were handled properly and more.

The companies that I worked for put a lot of emphasis on the mystery shoppers reports. It was even included in the managers performance reviews.

What makes this so effective is that it is totally anonymous. No one knows who the mystery shopper is because they are ordinary customers like you and me.

And it is not just retail stores that have mystery shoppers. Restaurant chains, fast food restaurants and amusement parks also use mystery shoppers to evaluate their performance.

If you love to shop, or eat out, this is a great way to make some extra money. You wonít get rich doing this but why not get paid for doing something that you love to do and would be doing anyway.

This is how it usually works.

1.You sign up with a company that supplies mystery shoppers to these establishments. Here is a http://www.takeonlinesurveys.com/mysteryshoppers.html> list of companies that supply mystery shoppers.
2.You will then receive assignments based on where you live and how far you want to travel.
3.You shop the store you were assigned within a given time frame. This way you can do it at your convenience.
4.You submit a report (this is supplied by the company).
5.You get paid for your time and are reimbursed for the items that you purchased or for the meal that you ate.

It's that simple.

About the Author

Jim De Fazio is a successful Internet Marketer who has written numerous articles on Home Businesses. For more information go to www.takeonlinesurveys.com

Written by: Jim DeFazio

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