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Save while shopping for food

Buying food can be downright depressing. Personally, I love to shop for food, but in the past my experience was often ruined by the total of the bill when I reached the checkout. By learning a few simple rules to follow, I no longer frown when I fork out my money. Instead I smile, because I know that I have bought enough food to keep my family well-fed without spending a lot of money. Here are some ways you can save money too.

1. Make a list. It's so simple, but it's so important. Writing a list helps you identify and buy only those items you really need. Now, stick to it. Don't even look at anything that's not on that list.

2. Write out a meal plan. Think about the cost of each meal and try to include more low-cost meals. Try to think of ways that ingredients or left overs from one meal can be used in another meal.

3. Don't go hungry. Go straight after lunch or dinner. If you shop when you're hungry, you'll be more likely to pick up impulse products. Everything look's good when you're hungry. Or you might feel the need to stop somewhere afterwards for a little snack.

4. Leave the children at home. Children have a tendency to ask for things. And when their irritable, and you're frustrated, and you're in a supermarket attracting disapproving stares, you're more likely to give in. Save yourself the hassle and go by yourself. However, when the children are a little older, take them along every so often to teach them good budgeting techniques.

5. Treat specials with caution. Never buy something just because it's on special. You might end up spending more than you usually do because you're buying a more expensive brand. You could also buy items that you would never normally use.

6. Stock up. However when products that you normally buy and frequently use are on special, stock up. Work out how much of the product you would usually use before the expiration date. Buy accordingly, in keeping with your budget.

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Written by: Elizabeth Palmer

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