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Online Shopping vs. Adult Book Stores

Have you ever wanted to go in an adult bookstore but were afraid? Afraid that someone you know might see your car parked outside. Maybe you were afraid of what the sales clerk, behind the counter, would be thinking about you. Maybe you've been afraid because you heard the people that frequent those stores are "perverts" or "derelicts". Or, you want to go, but your town just doesn't have one. Whatever the reason, you didn't go in.

You might want to check out adult shopping online. Shopping online offers many advantages over going to the local adult bookstore. First and foremost, it's private. You're in your own home, on your computer. Nobody will know, except you.

Now you're wondering "What about the mailman, he's going to deliver the products I bought. He'll see what I purchased." When you purchase adult products online, from a reputable store, they will be shipped to you in discreet packaging. They will have a return address that in no way discloses the contents of that package.

The next big issue is you're wondering about payment, using a credit card online. Is it safe? In todays world, with identity theft problems the way they are, you have to be careful. When you "check out" from an online store, look in your browsers address bar for "https://". Don't trust your little "icon" with the lock on it. Always make sure you're seeing the "s" in that "http://" address. That guarantees the page is "secure". In computer lingo, that means it's equipped with a program that uses 128-bit encryption.

Okay, we've discussed discreetness, and safety, now let's get to the fun part, selection! The biggest advantage to shopping with an online adult store is selection. Your local store can offer just so many products. They have to keep a "physical" inventory. Online stores have a "virtual" inventory, therefore they can offer a much larger inventory of products. Giving you many more choices to fill your needs and desires. So, put your fears to rest, and try shopping online. I think you'll find the experience enjoyable and rewarding, in many ways.

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