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Letís Go Wheelchair Shopping!

Today, lots of handicapped people and disabled persons make use of wheelchairs because of the amazing comfort that this equipment gives them in their daily activities. As the world modernizes, the wheelchair has undergone lots of structural changes, too. There are now various kinds of wheelchairs for you to choose from. Therefore, purchasing your wheelchair is also a critical task to be able to get exactly the right kind of chair that youíll feel comfortable in.

Normally, first-time wheelchair shoppers are overwhelmed by lots of wheelchair options. There are also various usual sources of almost all new wheelchair users that include a second hand wheelchair from an acquaintance, a rental from a wheelchair company that deals with their insurance company, a recommended wheelchair from their physician which they got from a medical supply shop, and at a wheelchair clinic with advice from a knowledgeable professional therapist, physical therapist, or mobility specialist.

In addition, you will also need to take into consideration a variety of great features in wheelchair shopping. Choosing an electric wheelchair over a manual wheelchair is advisable when speed will be taken to consideration. You must also select the color that will perfectly fit your personal taste. You can also choose right or left-hand, and fixed or swing-away mounting for your wheelchair joystick. Batteries can either be gel or wet ones. There also exist wheelchair accessories in the market today including seat belts, cup holders, personal touches, and a lot more.

Furthermore, pick the proper wheelchair tires that will match your driving conditions. You can also select from several wheelchair leg rests including drop-in, swing-away, elevating or platform leg rests, plus footplates of different sizes. Wheelchair seating power functions are also available such as tilt, elevating or recline. Additionally, available wheelchair armrests include removable flip-back, height-adjustable, etc. For your seat cushion, you can either have gel, air or form cushions, too.

Basically, every new wheelchair user has distinct features and needs in his mind. Your choice of wheelchair must be suitable to your age, gender, body weight, and any physical specifications such as missing limbs, body limitations, and level of endurance. If a traditional manual chair is a suited for those with some amount of upper body strength, the electric wheelchair suits those who face an increased level of physical disability. The bottom line here is that there are wheelchairs in the market today that will suit every person, every demand, and every budget.

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Written by: Mart Gil Abareta

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