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Buying Boat Insurance

Those of you who own boat will want to make sure
you get watercraft coverage. Often times, people
don't realize that they need this type of coverage
for their boats. There are many boat owners that
don't even realize this type of insurance is
even available.

You need boat insurance if you own a boat, it's
that simple. Before you buy boat insurance, here
are some things you simply must know.

- Many states now require that you carry watercraft
liability coverage. What this coverage does, is
protect you against any damage that you cause to
other people or their property with your boat. This
insurance will also cover you for vandalism, theft,
fire, stranding, sinking, and even collision. You
should always call your insurance agent and see
what's required with your state and what policies
they cover.

- There is also optional coverage that you should
really consider. One type of coverage that you
should strongly consider is Wreckage Removal. In
most areas, the removal of sunken or wrecked
boats is required by law, and the responsibility
of the owner to pay for the removal, which can
easily be very expensive.

Wreckage Removal coverage will pay these costs for
you. You should also consider adding coverage
that will pay for repairs and mechanical failure
as well, along with towing charges - should you
ever need to be towed back to the shore.

- Not all insurance companies cover everyone who
operates the boat. This is something you should
always ask about, find out who is covered when
operating the boat. There are several companies
that will only cover the owner of the boat. Make
sure that the insurance agent defines who is
covered when operating the boat.

- When you shop for boat insurance, call your
current company first, then check with other
companies to see what type of rates they offer as
well. Always remember that insurance agencies
are in competition with each other, and they'll
work with you to get you to join them. Let one
know about a better rate that you've been quoted
and see if they'll go one better.

Before you shop for boat insurance, think about
the investment you have made with your boat. Boats
are not cheap, replacing or repairing them isn't
cheap either. Therefore, you should always make
sure you get the coverage you need to protect you
against anything that happens with your boat.

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